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Here are Best Free Tools for Social Media Analytics. It’s important to measure your social media ROI to be sure your efforts are working successfully.  Paying for services to do this for you can be costly.  These five Social Media Monitoring tools are the best out there to help you gather necessary data to measure your campaigns.


Simply Measured has two versions of their site, paid and free.  The capabilities for the free reports go above and beyond many other paid services.  You can even gather data from your competitors to see how your campaigns measure up.

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At SimplyMeasured your data is exported into a complete Excel documents with graphs to go along with it.  Examples of the data gathered are Twitter Follower Analysis, Facebook Competitive Analysis, Facebook Content Analysis, Pinterest User Report and more.  With this data you’re able to find out who your followers really are.

How to use these reports: After taking a look at who your followers are and what they are interested in, create content accordingly.  By doing this you can increase engagement on each of your posts.  In addition, the reports regarding your competition will help you to evaluate their efforts and maybe take note of moves you need to make to stay up-to-date.


Crowdbooster allows you to connect your Facebook and Twitter accounts to measure the insights of your campaigns as well as how well the content in your posts are working.

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The data includes targeted recommendations to help you find influencers and create captivating content, insights about each post to show what’s working (and what isn’t) quickly, follower and fan growth and deep audience insights so you can see who your audience truly is.

How to use these reports:  Based on your post types and audience, the insights report will tell you what day and time of day is best to post.  By posting within the recommended time slots, you may see an increase in impressions and engagement for each post.


TweetStats is basic platform that produces quality bar charts with your Twitter data.  You don’t need to sync any accounts with TweetStats, which means you can even keep an eye on your competition with this tool.

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TweetStats focuses on your Twitter activity and shows a real-time timeline for the past two years, which is great to see how the frequency of your tweets has changed.  It also gathers information about the different ways you have interacted with Twitter, inserting that in a bar graph as well.  You can also select a specific month to see more specific  stats.  There are two additional tools: Tweet Cloud tool shows your most used words and hashtags while the Follower Stats option gathers the changes in your followers.

How to use these reports:  When viewing the reports, take note of the times and days you post most frequently.  You can then compare this with the impressions and engagement these tweets received.  Similar to CrowdBooster, you now can tell what tweets are most effective and what time of the day you should post.  Take a look at when your competitors are tweeting, is it effective?  If so, you may want to consider posting outside of your current habitual times.


Another way to monitor your Facebook stats, as well as your competitor’s, is Social Don.  With their Facebook Analytic tools, you can gather data bout your fans, the interaction of them, evaluation of your content and more.  You can customize the interface and it’s automated, which means all you have to know is the name you want to analyze.

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When you sign up, you can also integrate their free Facebook Apps for your business profile.  Currently Instagram and iFrame apps are available to add to your Facebook profile.

How to use these reports:  Take a look at how your content is evaluated.  Is it working for you?  If not, consider revamping it.  Take a look at the highest peak in your (and your competitors’) change in fans. What did you do differently?  This information can help you repeat a spike of “likes” at your page.



HubSpot’s Marketing Grader imports your website and analyzes your marketing efforts.  The data provided is organized in three sections that include an evaluation of your social media efforts including a blog, SEO, mozRank, your mobile site, unique visitors and more.

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How to use these reports:  Marketing Grader tells you exactly what you’re missing and what you should do to increase your marketing grade.  Whatever you see in red on your report is where you should start expanding your efforts.

By measuring your social media campaigns in several different ways, you are able to close the margin of error in data.  Be consistent in the frequency of your measuring to always have a controlled variable to measure from.  Once you have a process in place you’ll be able to see what efforts are working and what aren’t.

Above tools will help you in Social Media Tracking. What other analytical tools have you used to measure social media campaigns?  Tell us with your comments.

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